Saturday, 29 June 2013

What are the different areas of IT project management?

Lets discuss different areas of IT project management. IT here means information technology. An IT project is "set of tasks which has a goal to achieve within given timelines with limited budget and resources (human as well as software and hardware)." The project ends when the goal is achieved.

The easy thing is to set the goal but, the challenge is to achieve it without any delays or extra costs. Project management is the way to handle this challenge. Following are different sub-areas to IT project management.

1. Financial Management - Track the finances of the project from start till end. This is the area every leadership wants to be aware of and so is given most importance.

2. Team Management - IT project is completely dependent on skills of your team. So managing team skills, team aspirations, team availability is another area one needs to manage effectively.

3. Risk Management  - Identifying potential risks in project as early as possible can increase the probability of project success vastly. Risk prioritization, tracking and mitigation are part of Risk management.

4. Knowledge Management - Making sure the team is aware about all aspects of project such as domain or business process knowledge and technical knowledge is necessary. However, not everyone recognizes the need of knowledge management. Most of the successful projects have knowledge management as an integral part of overall project.

5. Quality Management - Setting up quality goals such as zero defect rollout, industry level productivity, cost of quality etc.. are part of quality management. These activities are generally tracked and reported on weekly or monthly basis depending on project criticality.

6. Release Or Configuration Management - Managing rollout of each project without any breaks to existing business process or functionality is known as release management. A bigger organization with lots of applications having continuous changes needs to have proper release and configuration management.

7. Innovation Management -  This is relatively new but gaining lot of traction now a days in every organization. It is expected to innovate instead of doing routine tasks in same way. A proper framework is required for effective innovation management.

Management term is generally not liked by technical people and they consider each of management activity as overhead. But, without proper management activities in place, the project is surely heading for failure. So choice is yours.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Are feedback surveys important?

Are feedback surveys important?

I think the answer is big 'Yes'. Feedback surveys are not only important but, should be made mandatory in each process. Most of the organizations are implementing it. How much importance is given to survey responses depends on how faithful one is towards one's customers.

Surveys can be of two types
1. Pre-launch Surveys
2. Post-consumption Surveys

Pre-launch survey can help an organization to offer a better product or service to their targeted customers and probability of success is higher post launch, if sufficient features are incorporated as per responses.

Post-consumption survey is the feedback taken after the product or service is consumed. It is a real reflection of quality of product or service. Making changes as per survey response will make your customers loyal and advocates of your product or service.

So, if you are looking to improve your product or service and make it more popular through surveys, MintStat can help you with 'Online Survey' service. MintStat will launch the survey questionnaire amongst your target customers (you just need to provide email ids of customers) and we will follow-up to get their responses. A regular status update is provided and towards end, a detailed survey response report is provided along with recommendations.

MintStat Team

Launching MintStat

We are happy to launch new Management and HR consultancy - MintStat. The aim is high and honest.

MintStat would be catering services in following areas
1. Market Research
2. Design Solutions
3. IT Consultancy
4. HR Consultancy

We are looking forward to create thought leadership in each of these areas and come up with excellent solutions for our esteemed partners.

MintStat Team