Saturday, 27 July 2013

How to track Quality of your IT project?

Quality is what every project sponsor want from project execution. Important point to note is that quality is relative term. For some zero defect is quality, for others acceptable number of defects is also quality. Zero defects present only in ideal world and our experience tells us that no IT project can be delivered with zero defects. So, there should be some practical but, stringent goal for quality.

Also, achieving quality goal should not add extra cost to overall project budget or schedule. To make sure quality goals are met and no extra cost is incurred, following quality parameters should be tracked:

1. Number of defects  - First set maximum defects goal for your project. You can decide this based on industry standards. Track this parameter at end of each phase of project. e.g. Check number of defects detected at end of Analyze, then after Design, then after Build. The number of defects should reduce in each later phase.

Defect prevention meets help reduce defects in each consecutive phases. So make sure you identify root cause and action item to avoid defects properly. 80/20 principle helps in defect prevention meet.

2. Functionality coverage - Once requirements are frozen, make sure all functionalities are covered during each consecutive phase of project. Any missed functionality identified during testing will add extra cost to project as team will have to re-do design and coding.

Requirement traceability matrix helps cover 100% functionality coverage during each phase and can avoid above extra cost.

3. Effort spent on reviews, rework and testing - Make sure sufficient efforts (hours) are planned at start of project for reviews, rework and testing. Keeping it very low or very high can impact quality or cost of your project. Track this effort again at each phase of the project and identify variation / action items, if any.

Use charts and graphs to easily track variation and set control limits for this variation.

We feel if above parameters are tracked properly and proactively, one need not worry about quality. Please contact MintStat if you want to make sure your project achieves all Quality goals.

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MintStat Team

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