Saturday, 17 September 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Welcome back. This is an overview blog of AI.

Artificial intelligence is intelligence built in machines or computers with which such machines would take appropriate actions in a complex situation similar to a human being acting after thinking. AI is short form used for Artificial intelligence.

Research in AI started in mid of 20th century and has gained more focus in recent years. Earlier, it was more of theoretical research due to limitations on computing. With advent in computing power, AI has become more practical and hence more interest from different organizations including Google, Facebook etc.

Computer playing chess is one example of AI. Recently, AI is being used to create chat-bots to help customers of any organization. Online customer may not be able to detect who is sitting on other side - whether it is real person or a AI program.

Per our research, AI is still in nascent stage of development. But, it will definitely evolve in next 5-10 years such that AI will become omni-present in all aspects of human life. There is currently fear that AI will take jobs away from humans but, this fear is half true. Yes, AI will take away manual-repetitive jobs from humans but, it will create new jobs where humans will be required to program them and maintain them.

AI involves computing subjects such as machine learning, deep learning, programming and mathematics such as statistics. The goal of any AI project is to process either images or natural language text or audio or combination of these - the way we humans interpret them. Based on training data sets, AI machines take appropriate actions in live situations. Every situations output can be fed back to system so that AI machines become more intelligent. Again similar the way a baby learns.

Hope this short intro helped you to get started with AI. More details in next blogs. Have a nice day!

MintStat Team